Why work with a recruitment agency?

Time is of the essence, especially for businesses! You can’t fully function when you lack a member, after all. No need to panic because that’s where recruitment agencies come in. You have dedicated staff to assist you in your hiring efforts from start to finish. They’ll see to it that they successfully facilitate this important talent acquisition process.

However, choosing the right firm to work with isn’t as easy as it seems. According to Murray Resources, there are over 20,000 staffing and recruiting agencies in the United States -- plus a whole lot more around the globe! With so many choices available, you can’t just blindly pick one without knowing the criteria in making a profitable decision. That is why in this article, we’re compiling a list of everything you need to know when selecting a recruitment agency so you can meet your company objectives, and, at the same time, save valuable time and resources for the business.

Recap: What is a Recruitment Agency?

Before anything else, let’s align ourselves first with what we mean by a recruitment agency.
In a nutshell, it is a firm that acts as a medium between employers and employees. They are external recruiters that work with various companies and businesses to help them source, screen, and successfully hire candidates fit for the organization and, of course, the position.

They are perfect to get in touch with, especially if your in-house recruiters are occupied and don’t have the time to procure top talents. This is a great idea to do because such firms do their best in searching for the right candidates. After all, they only get the commission once their suggested prospect is onboarded.

This allows you to avoid bad hires and those with low stick rates, which proves truly beneficial in terms of overall ROI.

To encapsulate the point, here are 3 main reasons why you should work with a recruitment agency.

1. It ultimately saves time for the company
SHRM conducted a vital report and stated that the average time-to-fill is 42 days. By working with recruitment agencies, you can cut down the days needed to get the talent that your company needs.

Dedicated recruiters will find the right individual for the role as efficiently and effectively as possible through their broad network and resume database. Aside from sourcing, they’ll also handle most of the time consuming aspects of the recruiting process like screening, initial interviewing, etc.

Additionally, you can also reduce cost in some areas like job adverts posting, overtime cost, training cost, and more.

2. It helps you reach top talents
With their undivided attention and better sourcing capacity, they take extra measures to source candidates across multiple platforms and screen them thoroughly.

Be it via phone interviews, assessment tests, and others, they make sure that only the ones that would be acceptable for your company would go through. They will weed out those who are not the right fit and only proceed with qualified people that can adapt to your organization’s goals and objectives.

Plus, to connect it to the previous point, they can use the saved time to ensure quality candidates are screened properly and without rush.

3. It helps recruiting talents in high demand verticals
Oftentimes, people work with recruitment agencies to seek assistance for hard-to-fill positions. It may not be a matter of time restraint, but rather the fierce competition over certain positions.

This goes especially for senior level positions or high demand fields like technology, digital, marketing, hospitality, etc. A lot of companies are fighting over the best of the best, and it takes great skills to do so.

Recruiters of such recruitment agencies are trained to negotiate well and convince candidates to be onboard.  Their accrued experience in the matter helps them get better each time, as well.