5 Tips on Selecting the Right Recruiting Agency

1. Narrow down your search on those that fit your criteria
First and foremost, what type of recruitment agency do you need? If it’s a temporary or contractual worker, then a staffing agency  is the best option. How about top-level executives? Headhunting agencies  are best in that area.

You have to remember that there are niche agencies, too. As opposed to general ones, this recruiter agency has the edge to find highly skilled talents who truly specialize in their fields. Why? Because they understand the talent gaps in the market and help fill positions faster by providing candidates best suited for such specialty roles.

2. Clearly explain your hiring needs
The second step in selecting the perfect recruitment agency for your business is to elaborate on what your organization needs. It is best if you are as clear as possible about this so that they have a clear idea of what type of talent that you need.

Plan before contacting them. Do you need to fill only one position? Or are there a lot? What role are you trying to fill? Is it a permanent or temporary job? Is it entry or management level? What kind of prior experience do you want them to have?

These basic questions will help the firms lead you to the right talent accurately and precisely. Also, don’t be afraid to talk about your company, as well. There are lots of points to discuss:

It may seem tedious to expound on such topics, but best believe that they are necessary if you truly want to get the best of the best in the market.

3. Interview the Recruitment Agency
Don’t be shy to interview the recruiting agency like they are the candidate themselves. In the second step, you took the time for them to get to know your company. Now, it’s your turn to probe more about them.

You can ask the following questions: All of these will give you an immediate impression of whether or not they are capable of meeting your needs. Think about such queries and dig deeper into their background. This will reveal how prepared and professional they are, as well.

4. See how the recruiters work
Asking about the agency is one thing, but knowing how their recruiters work is another.

The fourth step in choosing the best recruitment agency is checking the experience of their staff. There are plenty of ways where you can go about this.

You can talk to them directly and ask what their methods are. What do they do to pre-screen candidates? Is it in person or is it conducted online or via phone?.

You can also ask how they source candidates. Seeking actively on platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and others are given. This is effective because you know that there are individuals there looking for employment. However, remember that they only represent a portion of the talent market.

A good recruiter knows that there are more passive candidates in the world (70% as told by LinkedIn!), and these individuals can bring higher ROI than active candidates. They have more experience and they are what you can say “in demand” in a way.

The challenge is that they are not really looking for a new job, but are interested in hearing more about other opportunities elsewhere. If the recruiter is capable, he/she will be able to convince them to move eventually. Be sure to remember this!.

You can also check testimonials and feedback on the internet. For sure, there will be reviews by clients stating their thoughts on working with them.

They are movers of the firm. They should be strategic and persuasive enough to convince talent to join your company.

5. Ensure it’s within budget
This probably is a no-brainer for businesses, but it's still important to highlight. Once you feel that they tick the aforementioned criteria, then check if you can afford their services.

This is a vital step to consider. You’re already well-assured that they are able to provide you with high-quality talents, but it’s just a matter of discussing numbers.

Talk to your hiring team and superiors about this. Will it be worth it? Is it still within budget? How badly do you need to fill the position? This can influence your decision.

Alternatively, you can look at the prices of their services beforehand. Some may argue it’s a waste of time to get to know a recruitment agency and their recruiters, then finding out they are way too expensive.

You can get such information listed on their website or via online reviews. You can also contact them directly and ask this firsthand. Inquire about their services, terms and conditions, and, again, pricing.

Here’s a little backgrounder to give more insights about the costs of working with recruitment agencies.

Now, the fees of a recruitment agency also vary depending on the position you want to fill. They take into account the following factors: It’s a tricky dilemma that will make or break your business. Don’t take this lightly!.